How to Pick Up Necessary Kits When Cross Stitching for The First Time

Cross Stitching KitsWhen beginners practice cross stitch for the first time, they prefer to choose and purchase basic kits only. For this, the beginner will only require scissors and a hoop. However, as they improve their stitching skills, they may want to try out small cross stitch patterns. Some necessary supplies for this kind of stitching include – Aida fabric, needles and floss. Read on to know how to choose necessary kits for your first cross stitch.

  • Select Aida fabric of 11-count or 14-count – While you are learning the skills of cross stitching, it is advisable not to use dark shades since many experienced people have faced difficulty in stitching dark colors in the initial stage. So, it is better to look for Aida fabric that can be stitched easily by the beginners.
  • Begin with a plastic hoop for the first project – There are various kinds of wooden or plastic hoops available for the beginners. When you begin stitching large designs, make sure you complete the stitching with a hoop.
  • Select floss depending upon the quality – Floss is a great choice since they consist of a collection of commonly used colors. If you want to create your floss collection, then try to stick to a particular brand only. Although there are conversion charts available, by combining various shades from different brands, you may not be able to produce the most effective result.
  • Use different kinds of needles – Needles are extremely important for any kind of stitching. When doing cross stitching, you will find that there are various kinds of needles in the kit which include – easy-thread needles, twin-tipped needles and needles that have special coatings. Once you start stitching, try to use 24 tapestry size needle for your 11-count Aida fabric and 26 size needle for 14-count Aida fabric.
  • Two pairs of scissors are needed – You will require two pairs of scissors for cross stitching. The first pair of scissor can be used to cut the fabric and the second pair for cutting the floss. Make sure the scissors are sharp so that cutting can be done properly with them.

It is advisable that you shop around for cross stitch supplies at their best price, when doing it for the first-time. Select good quality product within your affordability to make cross stitching easier for you.

Different Types of Needles for Stitching

needleStitching is an artwork and you must choose right sized needle to make the piece unique and attractive. If you are stitching for the first-time, then you must learn how to use a needle and begin your work. One very important thing that you need to know is that not all types of needles will fit all fabrics and so, you must understand how to change needles according to the texture of the cloth. Once you become an expert in stitching, you will be able to handle these things in a better way. Read on to know about different needles needed for stitching.

  • Regular point needle – These needles are used when you are stitching cotton clothes. It will enable you to stitch without causing any damage on the fabric. These needles are available in different sizes starting from size 9 to size 18. It is advisable to use regular point needles for stitching edges on woven clothes.
  • Universal point needle – This needle is used for regular sewing, particularly with woven fabrics. It comes with sewing machine and is available in different sizes. Amongst them, the popular sizes are 11/75 and 14/90. This needle is round in shape like ball point needle.
  • Ball point needle – Ball point needles are round in shape and their curve increases with needle’s size. These are a great choice when sewing interlock knits. These needles can be found in different sizes starting from 9 to 16 with the 16-size needle being the most rounded in shape.
  • Embroidery needle – Embroidery needles have a big eye that enables thick threads to get into them. These needles have been made so that they can be used with decorative threads to create exquisite designs on various materials and fabrics.
  • Topstitching needle – If you are using heavy threads, then choose topstitching needles. They have large eyes that enable you to have a clear view of stitching. Choosing this type of needle will definitely create a difference when stitching.
  • Wedge point needle – Amongst all types of needles, wedge point is a unique needle used in leather sewing. Wedge shape needles are available from sizes 11 to 18. The big needles can be used for heavy stitching while the small ones are used for softer leather.
  • Quilting needles – These needles have a trapped point that enables to stitch together several cloths. Quilting needles are small and the tapering point prevents the cloths from getting damaged.

With various types of needles, make sure you choose the right one for your need and complete stitching work in the best way.